Policy Reminders: No Cellphones on Deck/Changerooms, Parents on Deck, etc....

July 28, 2023

To all members

Friendly reminder of a few facility and club policies regarding Knights in the facilities. As one of the major user groups in the City of Surrey, it is important that we are leading by example and representing the club in a positive manner in the community and respecting all other users of the facilities.

1) Parents on Deck

Please make sure to watch workouts from the viewing areas of the facility.  At SSLC this is either upstairs or by the shallow end windows for Royal Knights Workouts.  For Guildford this is either upstairs or by the seating near the change rooms.  It helps the swimmers focus better to the coaches and there is not enough space on deck to accommodate all parents.  If you need to speak with a coach, please try to email them to set up a time or only interrupt workout if it's an emergency.

2) Cellphone Usage

As per City of Surrey policy, there is no cell phone usage while on deck, particularly in the change rooms and shower areas.  If you need to text or call a parent, please do so off deck outside the change rooms or speak with a coach first.

3) Filming

As per City of Surrey policy in conjunction with the above point, parents are not allowed to film their swimmers during workout from the viewing gallery.  If you have concerns regarding your swimmer's progress or if you would really like to film your kid for memento purposes, please speak with the coaches so proper arrangements can be made.

4) Public Swimming

Access cards are only to be used for your SKSC workouts.  If you wish to swim or use the facility outside of workout times, you need to either pay the drop in fees or use monthly/family passes.

5) Incidents with Public

If your swimmer around SKSC workout times has any issues with any members of public, for example in the change room, please bring this to attention of a coach on deck and/or a lifeguard right away.

6) Late Pick Ups

Remind your swimmers that if they are waiting for parents to pick them up, to ensure that they are waiting respectfully.  Coaches are not responsible for swimmers outside of practice times, however note all swimmers are representatives of the team and poor actions reflect poorly on the team.

Thank you

SKSC Coaches