7 Reasons Every Swimmer Should Go To Meets

What is a swim meet?

Swim meets are competitions where swimmers race against other swimmers.  The meets will vary depending on the level.

Quick Summary of Meets
  • Mini-Meets - In-house meets, usually involving development groups at one location.  Typically run during practice time where swimmers race 1-2 events.
  • PASS Meets - Local meets for our development groups, where 3-4 local clubs gather with swimmers of similar abilities.  These typically happen once every 4-6 weeks.  Rules are encouraged but not enforced, so these are concerned unsanctioned events.
  • Roundtables - This is what we call competitions or events that involve the gathering of a large portion of the program.  Events offered will vary depending on the groups invited and the time of year.
  • LMR Meets - The first level of official and sanctioned competitions.  These are the first level of competitions for our competitive program.  Rules are enforced by officials, with times counting towards rankings, qualification and records.
  • Invitational Meets - These are official and sanctioned meets that vary in the level depending on the host program.
  • Championship Meets - these meets usually happen in Feb/Mar and June/July.  Each sanctioned meet has a different standard to qualify.

When are swim meets? How do I know what meet to sign up for?
You can find a meet schedule for your group here.  All meets for all groups are listed on the event page and the group eligible to attend are listed under the event itself.  If you ever have any questions, please email your group coach.

Click above for a pdf on how to sign up.

Is there a cost to attending a swim meet?
Depending on the meet.  Mini-Meets, Roundtables, and Time Trials for the most part are free.  PASS meets are typically $15.  Other meets will vary by event.  To view if there are costs to your meet, please view the event information and the meet package for details.

What events do my swimmers race?  Can I pick them?
Events will vary depending on the meet the swimmer is attending.  Coaches ultimately have the final decision regarding races, however if you have an event request you can note it in the notes section of the sign up.  If you or your swimmer ever have concerns regarding event selection, please contact your coach.

Meet Results: How can I view them?  When are they available?
You can view a meets results by looking (updating for new website).  It takes some time depending on the meet to get meet results tabulated.  Once a host club has results ready, they either post them and/or email them out.  From there we will post them up.

Time Standards: What are they?
Check out a description of these here (updating for new site)

For our new parents, below is an overview of what to expect at a meet, what to bring, etc...

What to bring to the meet:

- SKSC Cap
- SKSC t-shirt
- SKSC hoodie or track jacket to stay warm
- shorts/pants (black encouraged)
- swim suit (1-piece black suit)
- deck shoes
- goggles
- 2x towels
- water bottle
- small, nut free snacks
- extra clothes to go home in

Before the meet:

  • The meet warm up and session information will be posted on the event page.  If the host has provided a meet package it will also be attached.  It will outline the times, events, costs and any other information regarding hte meet. Depending on the meet format timing and expectations vary from meet to meet.  If you have questions about when and where to be, please contact your group coach.
  • Upon arrival find your team and check in with your coach. Swimmers should sit together as a team and not with their parents away from the team.
  • After warm-up, your swimmer will go back to the area where the team is sitting and wait there until their first event is called.
  • Younger swimmers may want to write each event-number on their hand in ink. This helps them remember what events they are swimming and what event number to listen or watch for.
  • The meet will start about 10-15 minutes after warm-ups are over.
  • Parents can purchase Heat Sheets or use an app program called Team Mobile to view the heat sheet. They are available for sale usually in the lobby area or at the clerk of course.  This is a guide for all the swimmers and the order that they will swim, according to time.
  • Parents are invited to watch from designated areas and not on deck.  The deck areas are for swimmers, volunteers and coaches.
  • Parents that wish to volunteer should check in with the clerk of course to sign up.  

During the Meet:

  • Before each race swimmers meet with their coach for specific instructions for their race. 
  • Swimmer report directly to their lane for a race a couple heats before their schedule heat
  • Swimmer will race their event.
  • After each swim:   Swimmers go immediately to their coach and they will go over their race. The coach will give positive comments and will give suggestions for improvement.
  • If another pool is available, swimmers may have the option to swim down after their race.  This helps swimmers to recover between swims.
  • The swimmer now waits until their next swim and repeat the above.
  • When your swimmer is finished swimming check in with your coach if they are free to leave the meet.  Depending on the meet format timing and expectations vary from meet to meet.
  • Results can be found in a few spots:  posted somewhere in the facility or on Meet Mobile