What is a Volunteer Assessment?

SKSC is a non-profit swim club.  To help keep programming costs down volunteering in an essential part of the program.  Parents who participate help the club to grow and offer quality program development for all athletes. Being a part of your athletes commitment to swimming shows them that you value their sport and support their effort and dedication.  Parent participation is important to your child's success in the club.

How Does It Work?

Each season, each swimmer has a set amount of job credits that a family needs to earn to meet their volunteer assessment.  You earn job credits by volunteering or participating in important club meetings .

You have until June 30th each season to earn towards your volunteer assessment total.  Any unearned portion of your assessment gets invoiced and billed on July 1st.  If you meet or exceed your required job credits, no billing of the volunteer assessment occurs.  Extra credits over assessment are not carried forward and have no monetary value.

What Is the Amount I Have To Earn?

For both the Adult Masters program and Royal Knights Academy, no volunteer assessment is required.  For our Development, Competitive and Community Fitness programs, you can find the amount for your group below.

For families with more than 1 swimmer in the club, the most advanced swimmer is assessed 100% of the assessment.  The 2nd most advancedswimmer, is assessed 60%.  3rd and subsequent swimmers in the family are not assessed a volunteer assessment.

How Do I Earn Job Credits?

Volunteer assessments are designed to be earned off easily.  We acknowledge that our member's time is important, so we want to make it easy for those who partipate and help our club be better.

You can earn job credits through volunteering at:
•SKSC Hosted Meets or other events
•Non-SKSC Hosted Meets that our swimmers attend
•Board or other volunteer positions within the club
•Taking or teaching Officiating Clinics
•Attending AGM, General Meetings and other important •meetings

*based on a September start*
*prorated for length of time in program after November*

Group1st Sibling2nd sibling3rd+ Sibling
  • High Performance Red/Black
  • Junior/Youth Performance
  • Competitive 1/2
  • Senior
  • $600
  • (120 credits)
  • $360
  • (72 credits)
  • Youth Regional
  • $400
  • (80 credits)
  • $240
  • (48 credits)
  • Gold
  • $320
  • (64 credits)
  • $192
  • (38.5 credits)
  • Silver
  • $260
  • (52 credits)
  • $156
  • (31.5 credits)
  • Bronze
  • $200
  • (40 credits)
  • $120
  • (24 credits)
  • Community Fitness Novice/Advanced
  • $150
  • (30 credits)
  • $90
  • (18 credits)

**Based on a September start.  Amount is prorated based on length of time in program if starting late or withdrawing early.  For example a swimmer starting in January would have the assessment assessed at 60% for 6 months of training (Jan-June).




$5 = 1 CREDIT

Board Member* – President, Vice-President, Treasurer

10 credits per month

Board Member* - All other positions

10 credits per month

Swim Meets, unsanctioned timer

2 credits per hour

Swim Meets – sanctioned timer

2.5 credits per hour

Swim Meets – Stroke & Turn, Chief Timer, Kitchen Manager at meet

3 credits per hour

Swim Meets – Starter, Electronics, Office Manager/Clerk of Course,

3.5 credits per hour

Swim Meets – Referee and Meet Manager

4 credits per hour

Swim Meets - Kitchen Manager set up

5 credits per session for preparation (menu planning, shopping etc.)

Swim Meets – Manager* If setting up and doing meet entries

10 credits per meet session for preparation (entries, committee leadership etc.)

Helping at a SKSC hosted events (all non-officiating positions)

2 credits per hour

Meet or Event Photographer
2 credits per hour up to Max 6

Chaperone for out-of-town meets

15 credits per day

Running a Fundraiser

10 credits per fundraiser

Fundraising Captain

20 credits per swim year

Attending an AGM

4 credits per meeting

Attending a Parent Meeting (as indicated)2 credits per meeting

Attending an Officials Clinic

4 credits per clinic

Completing and logging  an Officials Evaluation2 credits per evaluation

Teaching an Officials Clinic

6 credits per clinic

Other Club related tasks2 credits per hour

Group Examples of How to Earn Off

Bronze Swimmer - new to program

Total $200 or 40pts
Attend AGM meeting - 4pts
Attend October Development Group Meeting  - 2pts
Take Intro to Officiating & Safety Marshall Clinics - 8pts
Time at SKSC PASS Meet - 8pts
Time at SKSC Christmas Roundtable  - 6pts
Time 1 session at SKSC Winterfest (higher level meet) - 12pts

Gold Swimmer - 2nd year with program, Level 1 official

Total $320 or 64pts
Attend AGM meeting - 4pts
Attend October Development Group Meeting  - 2pts
Time at SKSC PASS Meet - 8pts
Time at SKSC Christmas Roundtable  - 6pts
Time at SKSC January Invitational 2 sessions- 18pts
Get evaluated for timer at January Invitational, 2 sessions - 4pts
Take Stroke and Turn clinic - 4pts
Stroke Judge at April Spartan Rubber Ducky Meet - 12pts
Get evaluated for stroke at Spartan Meet - 2pts
Attend General Meeting - 4pts

Competitive 2 swimmer - Level 1 official w/ Stroke and Turn

Total $600 or 120pts
Attend AGM meeting - 4pts
Attend October Competitive Group Meeting  - 2pts
Time at PSW Invitational - 1 sessions - 10pts
Get evaluated for timing - 2 sessions - 4pts
Take Chief Timer Clinic - 4pts
Chief Timer at SKSC Sprint Meet - 15pts
Stroke and Turn at Spartan LMR 1 session - 15pts
Get evaluated Chief timer 1 session - 2pts
Chief Timer at SKSC January Invitational 2 sessions - 27pts
Get evaluated Chief timer 1 session - 2pts
Chief Timer at SKSC April Invitational 2 sessions - 30pts
Attend General Meet - 4pts

2 swimmers: High Performance Black and 2nd Swimmer Youth Performance - single parent, Level 2 official

Total $960 or 192pts
Attend AGM meeting - 4pts
Attend October Competitive Group Meeting  - 2pts
Stroke Judge PSW Invitational 2 sessions - 24pts
Get evaluated for stroke - 2 sessions - 4pts
Take Electronics Clinic - 4pts
Electronics at SKSC LC Meet - 21pts
Get evaluated Electronics - 2pts
Electronics at SKSC January Invitational 2 sessions - 31.5pts
Get evaluated Electronics - 2pts
Electronics at SKSC April Invitational 2 sessions - 31.5pts
Stroke Judge May Hyack Meet 2 sessions 33pts
Attend General Meet - 4pts


SKSC Events

Any SKSC events or Officials Clinics that have positions available that earn job credits will have a job sign up sheet.  At the event itself, please make sure to check in with the host or clerk of course.  If you sign up at the event itself for a volunteer position, please note your account name and swimmer's name so we can assign points correctly.  Afterwards we cross check the sign in sheet with the job sign up online, and add credits.

Non-SKSC Hosted Events

For any swim meet that SKSC attends that is not hosted by our club, please fill out the Non-SKSC Hosted Meet Volunteer Form (found under the Parents Tab).  Then within about a month the points will be added to your account.

Other SKSC Volunteering

For other volunteering such as board positions, these points will be added to your account by our administrator.

Completing an Official's Evaluation or an Official's Clinic not hosted by SKSC

Email registrar@surreyknights.com with the position and date you completed your evaluation or clinic.



My Account ⇒ Job Credit

•Click on your email in the upper right corner and select My Account.
•Once on the My Account page, click on Job Credits.


Job Credits

Here you can see what Job Credits have been added to your account.

If you feel there are job credits missing and it's been longer then 2-3 weeks since the event, please email registrar@surreyknights.com.