PSW Invitational Write Up: 2 new divisional qualifiers, 1 LMR Champs

April 25, 2023

SKSC attended the PSW Invitational meet April 15-16 last weekend, bringing 25 athletes across C1, C2, C3, HS, and YP. The coaches were pleased to see swimmers listening to race plans and cheering on their teammates. It truly makes a difference when someone is on deck just a few meters away, yelling at you to “GO!!”

Highlights of the meet include:

  • First 13-14 Divisional Time for Kevin Z 100FR 
  • First 15&O Divisional Times for Gabe T in the 50Fl & 100Fl
  • Adding to their divisional event list, Damian K 50BR 13-14 Divisional Time, Eric Z 11-12 200IM and 50Fl
  • Puneet B crushing his 200IM, taking off 11s and qualifying for LMR Champs!
  • Matthew S crushed his 100Bk, taking off over 11s
  • Julia M taking almost a full 12s off her 200Fr
  • Jonathan Z breaking 3:00 for the first time in 200IM
  • Matthew Sun going under 1:30 in the 100FR for the 1st time by taking off 28s!
  • Olivia C raced 200FR not once, but twice.. The false rope line got loose and stopped the heat in their last 25m of the race. Olivia was brave to race it again 10 minutes later and finished the race faster than what she would have the first time.
  • Eli C swam two tough races in the 200FR/IM, and did a great job committing to both swims. He held all his splits for the 200FR within 3s of his first 50, and was able to maintain his form throughout the race.

Great job swimmers!