PSW PASS Results

November 15, 2022

PSW PASS meet: October 16, 2022


Our first PASS meet of the season was a huge success! We had 50 swimmers race at Grandview Aquatics Center in a friendly dual competition against PSW swimmers. For many athletes, this was the first time traveling to a different pool to race against swimmers from another club. The coaches were very impressed with the bravery and team spirit from the SKSC team!


For many swimmers, it was their first time racing 100m IM. “IM” stands for “individual medley” which means it’s a combination of all 4 strokes into one race. This is a great race for swimmers to demonstrate their skills. As the athletes get more comfortable with 100m IM, they are able to progress to racing a 200m IM.


We would also like to recognize swimmers who took on the challenge of diving off the blocks for their race! Diving off the blocks is a massive milestone for swimmers because it makes a huge difference in racing.


Amazing work by ALL swimmers and we are already looking forward to seeing you at the next PASS meet!