Spartan 11&U Rubber Ducky and Distance Meet: 4 club records, 1 new provincial and divisional qualifier, 2 new LMR champs qualifiers!

April 27, 2023

Our Knights were out in Chilliwack on Saturday for a fun 11&U Rubber Ducky meet in the morning, followed by a distance meet for all ages in the afternoon.

Firstly, in the morning 11&U from our Gold, C3 and Youth groups were racing for the coveted heat winner rubber duckies. 

  • Leanne C continued her record breaking streak breaking 3 records in the 10&U girls category in the 50Fl, 100BK and 100IM, also taking home rubber ducks for all 3 races.  Matthew H earned his first 11-12 Divisional time in the 50BR and also earned 2 rubber ducks. 
  • Ruiting and Jesse also both went under 4mins in the 200IM for the first time, punching their tickets to not only LMR meets but also to LMR Champs!
  • Brian L, Jesse V and Evan L also earned 1 rubber duck each for their heat wins. 
  • Special shout out to Ruiting, Hiro, Kaz, Rahaf and Ethan for all attending their first sanctioned competition!

The afternoon was filled with distance events with Knights from Youth and Junior racing.  Lots of great swims including:

  • Another 10&U club record for Leanne C in the 800FR, dropping her own record by 30secs
  • Anas H qualified for his first provincial cuts in the 11-12 800FR and 400IM after swimming 3 events in the AM!
  • Owen Q added two new 13-14 provincial times in the 400IM & 800FR
  • Justin D, Myla W, Martin V added the 800FR and Max B the 400IM to their list of provincial times
  • Christian E, Charlotte M, and Leela H all added the 800FR & 400IM, while Nadia VD added the 800FR & 400FR their their list of divisional times.  Gloria M added the 400IM to her qualification list.